Best Practices, Publication Ethics and Malpractice


LSMB aims to be a leading journal in the field of life sciences, medicine and biomedicine. The journal was established to ensure that findings at every levels of research from every corner of the globe is given the opportunity to publish their work.

We aim to remove all possible challenges institutions and authors face in publishing their research. Lack of funding could be one of the reasons why scientists from certain regions are unable to conduct high-technology research. Infrastructures could be a limiting factor for certain techniques to be performed. However little the findings are, we at LSMB believe that it should be published for the benefit of the scientific community. Rejections based on the amount of data presented should never be the sole basis for a paper to be declined. These findings are crucial and provides fundamental data for further discoveries.

Having said that, we are fully committed to publishing accurate, clear, reproducible and unbiased papers in our journal. Our editors and reviewers are informed about these stringent requirements, and we do our very best to ensure that these papers are systematically and critically reviewed before publication.

Plagiarism: Authors are reminded that the Journal gives considerable attention to the authenticity of submitted manuscripts. In this process, we hope to cultivate a sense of responsbility, academic and scientific accountability to ensure that pubished manuscripts are original. Mechanisms are in place to conform to the highest standards of scientific publishing using the Crossref Similarity Check screening system. The Editors may request for additional information from authors during any stage of submission, review or proof-reading if there are any concerns of plagiarism. 

LSMB conforms, and adapts valuable resources from the Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. You may view the recent publications by ICMJE here. Our official listing on ICMJE site can be found here LSMB in ICMJE List

We have adapted many best practices and ethical standards through-out LSMB’s Editorial Process. We have reproduced ICMJE’s recommendations below for author’s reference and guide. Please take note that while you are free to follow these guidelines, the preparation on your manuscript must follow the Guide for Author of Life Sciences, Medicine and Biomedicine.

Recommendations on Best Practices and Ethical Standards of ICMJE encompasses the following areas, and we strongly recommend author (s) to read through them:


  1. Defining the Role of Authors and Contributors
  2. Disclosure of Financial and Non-Financial Relationships and Activities, and Conflicts of Interest
  3. Responsibilities in the Submission and Peer-Review Process
  4. Protection of Research Participants
  5. Plagiarism, Corrections, Retractions, Republications, and Version Control
  6. Scientific Misconduct, Expressions of Concern, and Retraction
  7. Copyright

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