Frequetly Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. Why choose Life Sciences, Medicine and Biomedicine?

Life Sciences, Medicine and Biomedicine (LSMB) is a rapidly growing journal based in Malaysia. Its international presence is growing. LSMB is managed by Biome Scientia Journals.

2. What is the scope for Life Sciences, Medicine and Biomedicine?

LSMB is an international, open access multidisciplinary journal that welcomes publication in all areas of life sciences, medicine and biomedicine. Some related biological sciences may be considered on a case by case.

Authors are also encouraged to submit manuscripts that focusses on the investigation of causes of diseases, their epidemiology, diagnostic processes and treatment. Papers that are looking at new methods, recent discoveries and innovation in therapy are also very much welcomed.

Please refer to About Our Journal for more information.

3. Is there a peer-review process in Life Sciences, Medicine and Biomedicine?

Peer review is one of the most important characteristic in choosing a journal before submitting your manuscript. You want to receive crucial comments and feedbacks on the work you have done.

All manuscripts submitted to LSMB go through a systematic, blinded peer-review process by qualified reviewers in their respective field of studies.

The Editorial Office supports the reviewers in their review process and ensures that reviews are completed on time and rapidly.

4. Is Life Sciences, Medicine and Biomedicine an Open Access Journal?

All articles published in LSMB are published under the Creative Commons License, CC BY license. It means your published papers are immediately and freely made available online. Please refer to the CC BY license Creative Commons page for more information.

5. Is Life Sciences, Medicine and Biomedicine an indexed journal?

Yes. Currently, LSMB is indexed in Directory of Access Journals (DOAJ) and MyJurnal. MyJurnal is managed by the Citation and Infometric Division, Ministry of Education, Malaysia. Please refer to MyJurnal.


The Editorial Team is working hard to ensure articles published by Life Sciences, Medicine and Biomedicine can be shared as widely as possible and be found by readers globally.

Our aim is to be indexed with Scopus, the world's leading indexer, preparatrion is currently in progress. 

6. Is there an Article Processing Charge for accepted papers?

Notice: Due to the current global pandemic, and to provide all necessary support to authors, our Article Processing Charge has been fully WAIVED until further notice.

Life Sciences, Medicine and Biomedicine is an Open Access journal. To allow global audience access to the manuscripts we publish, and to ensure every segment of the population has free and unlimited access to these resources, we work hard to keep the cost of the entire publication process as minimum as possible.

In fact, at the moment, the bulk of the cost is being absorbed by voluntary efforts of sponsors and the publisher. We are committed to continue this tradition.

Our Article Processing Charge is USD250.00. This charge is to process accepted manuscripts.

There are no charges for submission or reviews.

However, until further notice, the Article Processing Charge (APC) is WAIVED for all accepted manuscripts.

7. Is there an Article Submission Charge?

No, all journals submitted for review to LSMB and Biome Journals do not impose Article Submission Charges or any charges for reviews.

8. Do you accept undergraduate research?

Yes, we accept any type of work as long as the Editorial Office endorses your submission (about 7 working days) for peer-review and peer-review finds it acceptable for publication.

9. We often hear reviewers reject papers on the basis of insufficient results. What is LSMB’s view on this?

LSMB’s and Biome Scientia Journal’s stand on this is that science reporting should be objective, accurate and validated.

If your manuscript has only one experiment to explain your objective and you have demonstrated it scientifically and sufficiently well, then it should be shared to a greater audience. In other words, it should be published!

10. How long does the peer-review process takes?

We are unable to guarantee the time-frame for this process. However, it generally takes about 1 - 3 months for a paper to go through submission, review, responding to reviewers, acceptance, copy-editing and proof preparation until it can be published online.

The length can vary depending on time taken by authors to complete submission, reviewers to complete their review report and time for authors to respond to corrections.


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