Publishing High Impact Papers

Preparing and submitting your can be paper can be easy and rewarding


Publishing is becoming a vital aspect of research. In some institutions publishing your research in indexed journals are one of the many requirements for funding approvals and continuation of job contracts. In recent years, not only has publishing become more challenging, publishers are also setting stringent requirements to even let your paper pass through peer-reviews.

What you will learn

In this seminar, you will be introduced to the 101 of scientific publishing. Starting from conceptualizing the idea for your manuscript, deciding on the flow of your paper to the choice of journals and finally some tips for smoothly sailing through the review process. The speaker will share some essential do’s and don’ts to ensure that your publishing experience will be a completely informed one and hopefully get your papers accepted.

The seminar will be structure into the following:

  • Organizing data and compiling content for your article
  • Finding a suitable journal
  • Preparing your manuscript
  • Submission of your manuscript
  • The editorial process

Pre-registration is required for all participants. Please email to if you need more information.

Seminar Content

Intermediate Level

  • Organizing data and compiling content for your article Talk | 30 min
    This is the point where you will decide on what data and findings you want to publish. Do you have a story to tell? Do you have enough of it? This section will address the process from conceptualizing the idea and some steps involved in preparing the content for your manuscript.
  • Finding a suitable journal Talk | 30 min
    Understanding the scope of journals to finding matching journals and using search functions, you will be introduced to this very important first steps of deciding where your paper should be submitted.
  • Preparing your manuscript Talk | 45 min
    Preparing your manuscript for publication is a tedious and time consuming process. This is also important to ensure your paper is ready for submission and peer-review. The talk will cover on the basic elements of manuscript preparation and some relevant topics.
  • Submission of your manuscript Talk | 30 min
    It could be as simple as uploading your manuscript to the journal’s processing system, but there are other considerations that need to be looked into.
  • The editorial process Talk | 30 min
    Now that you have submitted your manuscript for peer-review, it’s not just about sitting and waiting. What could you do next? How would you respond when there is a request for review? The speaker will share some very essential tips on the editorial process that will help you sail through successfully.