About the Journal

Aims and Scope of Life Sciences, Medicine and Biomedicine

Life Sciences, Medicine and Biomedicine is an international, open access multidisciplinary journal that welcomes publication in all areas of life sciences, medicine and biomedicine. Some related biological sciences may be considered on a case by case.

Life Sciences, Medicine and Biomedicine was established in 2017 with its first Vol 1 Issue 1. The Journal is owned and published by Biome Scientia Sdn Bhd based in Malaysia.  

Submissions can include:


  1. Research Article: Original research from basic research, non-clinical, pre-clinical, clinical and related biological sciences. There are no minimum sets of results, experimental protocols or data required. Our top priority is that the research even if it’s a single experiment, is conducted through rigorous and acceptable scientific testing and methodologies, are novel and original.
  2. Review: Reviews consist of a comprehensive analysis of existing literature on a specific topic, including presentation of current findings from published literatures. Reviews can be in a form of literature reviews, meta-analysis or systematic reviews.
  3. Opinion Article: This article type is the expert opinion of an author or authors on an area of interest. Authors can present their perspective or interpretation or reviews on an article or data presented within and at the same time discuss in a broader term how the area of research can be further improved, explored and investigated.
  4. Clinical Case: This section will include papers demonstrating data and specifics of patient(s) in a hospital/clinical setting.

Authors are also encouraged to submit manuscripts that focusses on the investigation of causes of diseases, their epidemiology, diagnostic processes and treatment. Papers that are looking at new methods, recent discoveries and innovation in therapy are also very much welcomed.

Your submissions can include but not limited to some of these areas:


  1. Drug discovery
  2. Natural products and pharmacology
  3. Pharmaceutical sciences
  4. Microbiology
  5. Infectious diseases
  6. Halal research
  7. Vaccines research
  8. Inflammation research
  9. Neurosciences
  10. Genomics
  11. Proteomics
  12. Environmental and occupational health
  13. Cancer and therapy
  14. Stem cell research and therapy
  15. Clinical research
  16. Nutrition and dietetics
  17. Food science
  18. Nursing
  19. Physiotherapy
  20. Public health
  21. Bioinformatics
  22. Biotechnology
  23. Traditional medicines
  24. Environmental science
  25. Occupational safety
  26. Applied sciences
  27. Biomedical engineering
  28. Biological sciences